Kerri Chandler has made a lasting contribution to house music. For more than two decades the New Jersey born producer and DJ has been producing deep house sounds on international major labels and revered underground outlets alike. After early teenage years spent interning at various New York studios, learning the ropes and beginning to produce for rap & r&b artists, gleaning all he could from being surrounded by the likes of Kool & The Gang. His first official production back in 1991 was enough for Atlantic to sign up the young producer, and since then he has built up a back catalogue that still serves as a blueprint for many modern day producers.

Wherever you look, be it the pumping house of the Shelter EP, the jazz inflections of his on-going Thing For Linda EPs or the coming together of tradition and innovation on albums like A Basement, Redlight and A Feeling, Kerri has always aimed to prove that house music can be so much more than a passing club soundtrack. From heady to heavy, hooky to hedonistic, this auteur is someone that makes you believe in the power of house music beyond the dancefloor. With visible enthusiasm and professional passion Kerriā€™s music is as relevant now as it has ever been. With close ties to clubs around the world, Kerri is known for his attention to detail both when producing and DJing, taking time to do thorough sound checks before each and every gig to ensure the best experience for his fans.